Company Profile

What we do

In a global world, we recognise language is now an everyday part of how organisations, businesses and communities connect and thrive. Our focus is to help make that happen.

We recognise the value in keeping people connected. It’s why we work each day to bring people together with the organisations that service them.

We want to give people the freedom to live life without limits with access to the everyday services that make it possible.

In 180+ languages with remote and onsite services, we connect people when it matters. In the most challenging life circumstances or simply with phone access to reach loved ones, language is the link to it all.

Through Australia’s leading health, government, legal, education and energy and insurance companies – and others – we connect people to enable lives. With 40 years experience, we know through language more is possible.

Language is life.

What we believe

At VITS LanguageLoop, we believe communities are best served when all people have a voice, and the agency to make the most of opportunities. We give people a voice to enable them to take part in society. We work to lessen the limits for non-English speaking Australians and help businesses extend their reach into more corners of Australia’s growing global population.

From our beginnings in 1978 as the Australian Ethnic Affairs Commission, we’ve always seen the benefits in the community of bringing people and business together. We believe Australia’s growing global population is a valuable resource to our community.