Senior Data Analyst Gig

  • Senior Data Analyst Gig

Senior Data Analyst Gig


Take your technical skills and apply them to a rapidly growing sector using cutting edge technologies. We are growing fast and we need people to grow us faster. As a language services company, we help business and organisations communicate and connect with the 21% of Australians who speak a language other than English.

Our world connects 3,000+ interpreters across 180+ languages through innovative technologies to power stronger connections more than ever before.

You are a driven and experienced data engineer, able to create a strong vision for the data strategy across our existing digital channels, systems and applications. You will contribute to the ongoing digitisation of language services that connect clients and their customers in any language, across any channel, any time.

Join a genuinely exciting workplace that changes people’s lives and their ability to belong in society.

You will:

Create a clear and unified data strategy for a long term non-transactional database. This will include input from the current state data architecture, business drivers, technical requirements, and will encompass

  1. Target state data architecture including data model, security, data life cycle, warehouse/lake/hybrid assessment
  2. Solution transition plan including roadmap, phasing, sequencing and dependencies
  3. Market assessment and platform vendor recommendations

Following this you will lead the implementation of the documented data straegy.


  1. Get things done
  2. Love working as part of a team
  3. Have a proven delivery background
  4. Are ready for a new challenge


  1. Love technology and change
  2. Love the impact we’re having for our clients
  3. Love moving fast
  4. Have a great work culture
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